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How to correctly measure yourself

A) Neck
Measure around your neck at the same place your collar would be if buttoned up. This should be along the base of your neck, below your Adams Apple. The tape should feel comfortable around your neck however should be body tight and not loose.

B) Arms
Measure from the top of your shoulder down to the cuff or where you would like the sleeve to end. This is your sleeve length measurement.

Measure your bicep with a relaxed arm at the fullest part. This will be your bicep measurement. 

C) Chest
Measure around the widest part of your chest, this is typically right under your armpits and across your nipples. Ensure you are standing normally and ensure the tape is held tight to the body. Ensure you are breathing normally and do not puff out your chest.

D) Belly
Measure around the biggest part of the belly/stomach area. This is typically the area just above your belly button. 

This will be you waistcoat measurement. If you find your waistcoat measurement does not add up to your jacket size, we recommend ordering the correct jacket size then have the waistcoat altered to fit.

If you need more information on this please call us on 01670 734907 or email us at info@paljoeyclothing.com

E) Waist
You should take the measurement at the place where your belt would normally sit. Ensure you are standing normally and that the tape is held to the body, allowing room for one finger only.

F) Inside Leg
All of our trousers come with unfinished hems, this is so you can get them tailored to your preferred length for the perfect fit.

Here is a great tutorial on how to measure yourself correctly courtesy of The Suit Depot


You can change your trouser size on any split colour style

To do this, Order your correct Jacket size and ignore the trouser size that comes with it then head to the checkout. Once you have done this add what size/colour trousers you would like in the special instructions box underneath the items added to your cart.

Colour choices are Black & Navy.Subject to availability.

Its as easy as that!

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