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      We're here to help you every step of the way

      Find your perfect Wedding style

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      No more stress looking for the perfect style!

      We know how stressful it can be searching for that perfect suit for your big day.

      The good news is that we are here to help you at every step of the way!

      Don't settle for anything less than spectacular for your wedding.

      Our Story

      Why go for a generic normal plain suit on the biggest day of your lives? This is why we offer something slightly different from the 'norm'.

      High quality affordable suits that you and your groomsmen can own for the same price as high street hired suits.

      Our design team travel across Europe to find the best and unique fabrics every 2/3 months so we can keep bringing you the latest seasonal fabrics and keep our stock fresh and new.

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      Choosing my style?

      We have a wide range of over 40+ exclusive styles perfect for wedding parties. We have something for everyone all year round whether it be your lighter Spring/Summer creams or greys or your darker blue and greys for the cold winter weddings.

      Need help on which colour goes with what accessories? Give us a call and we will guide you through whats the best option for your wedding.

      Click the PJ icon above to see our Exclusive Collection.

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      How does sizing work?

      On our exclusive collection you can change your trouser size to whatever waist you like! 

      This is a great option for any party that has the bigger guys in with the smaller waist or the 'Dad bods'

      We cater from sizes 34R/28W - 60R/52W.

      Heres how to order and change your trouser size

      Order your correct jacket size and ignore the waist size  that it comes with for example.. 40R/34W.

      Go to checkout your shopping cart and underneath the items in your cart mention what size trouser you would like with each size jacket in the notes section for the seller.

      Its as easy as that!

      Please note sizes are subject to availability so you may want to contact us before making a bulk order.

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      Do you do kids sizes?

      You want your wedding to be the most special day and that includes any little ones you might have.

      This is why we offer a tailoring service that can alter the smallest Mens size (34R) to a childs size age 2+.

      To book this service you would need to make an appointment with us and our tailor 2 weeks prior.

      Once the suit is altered it will be deemed non refunderble this is why our tailor needs to be there to take the measurements of your little one so everything fits perfect.

      Prices for a childs tailored suit cost £60